Our Wellhead Maintenance service is backed by our range of purpose-built products and high quality, proven lubricants, sealants and flushing products that covers a routine maintenance, greasing and inspection, installation, refurbishment and repair of wellhead.

We offer specific testing and maintained programs as instructed by our clients or can put together a full well integrity program to ensure your entire field is effectively tested and serviced.


Control of integrity of pressure vessels such as : pipelines, plumbings,  gas cylinders, boilers, storage tanks and fuel tanks.

It involves filling the vessel or pipe system with a liquid, usually water, which may be dyed to aid in visual leak detection, and pressurization of the vessel to the specified test pressure. Testing of pressure vessels for transport and storage of gases is very important because such containers can explode if they fail under pressure.

ALCON can perform the repairs of Industrial leaks while keeping production running and without plant shutdown.


We provide a wide range of mechanical and electrical works and solutions such as:

  • Piping and welding works
  • Equipment start-up assistance
  • Pumps and engines maintenance & revision
  • Partial or general padding change
  • General intervention on power supply generators & transformers
  • Installation and maintenance of measuring device and sensors
  • General preventive maintenance of all types electrical networks and systems.


ALCON and FGS with theirs international partners are developing their engineering and procurement capabilities to broaden their field of activity to become the first local private EPC company in terms of Oil & gas downstream activity, civil engineering, and project management.


ALCON provides assessment and development solutions to its clients from all sectors of energy industry. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach. The professional and multi-disciplinary approach of ALCON has earned the respect of renowned oil and gas production companies and other industrial corporations.

ALCON team can design a customized solutions to perfectly match the needs of a particular client and can provide off the shelf products and services if these are more suitable.

We are highly flexible in what we do, and this allows us to work for businesses of every shape and size. Our clients range from small and medium size enterprises to some of the biggest and most prominent employers operating today, including major government departments and global private sector brands.

ALCON selects carefully its manpower to operate and maintain clients’ assets while maximizing safety, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.