Being the Oil & Gas Industry of Algeria 95% constituted of Public (State) Companies, the Tenders & Consultations are the rule of contracting with these Companies (as per the Public Procurement Act of 2015).

ALCON covers and masters the whole Tendering and Bidding Process from the announcement of the Tender/Consultation, catching the accurately business opportunities to its Principals, to the Contract Performance if Tender/Consultation awarded to its Partners.

In this regard, we provide the following services:

  • Monitoring and Transmission of Business Opportunites (Tenders, Consultation or Direct Orders),
  • Withdrawal and Translation of Tender Documents,
  • Close Communication with the Client,
  • Translation of Communications, Clarification Requests and any other Correspondence between the Principal and the Client,
  • Assistance in Establishment of Bid Bonds, if required,
  • Assistance in Preparation of the Technical & Commercial Canvases (Checkup of Technical & Commercial Offers),
  • Compilation and Printing of the Offers,
  • Submission and Follow-up of Offers,
  • Attend the Bid Opening Sessions on behalf of the Principal,
  • Communicate the Bid Opening Report,
  • Follow-up with the Client the Bid Evaluation Process, lobbying for the Technical Acceptance of the Principal’s Offer,
  • Assistance for the Release of the Bid Bond if Contract not awarded,
  • Assistance for the Release of the Bid Bond and the Establishment of the Performance Bond if Contract awarded,
  • Follow-up of Contract Signature,
  • Follow-up of Contract Performance, ensuring the compliance of the procedures, the smooth provision of the services and the delivery of goods and equipment,
  • Chasing the Clients for the payments,
  • Follow-up if the Warranty Period and Assistance for the Release of the Performance Bonds,
  • Chasing the Clients for the Performance Certificates.